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August 9, 2010
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HP pstc4200
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Aug 5, 2010, 5:47:38 PM
Ten percent is off the table by ShikoSyaoran Ten percent is off the table by ShikoSyaoran
Desde hacía ya rato estaba tratando de conseguir la Novela Gráfica de JOKER de Brian Azzarello, en esta historia se presentan a varios villanos de Batman pero todos de modo realista y mucho más sombrío, el guasón por ejemplo es más sádico de lo normal y consume narcóticos. El arte también es mucho más sombrío y el Guasón tiene una sonrisa forzada por cicatrices como en Dark Knigh, sin embargo el libro salió antes que la película así ke es mera coincidencia. En esta escena el Guasón mata a uno de sus exayudantes con el que había hecho un trato, le ofrecía el 10% de sus ganancias, pero al final lo mata por venganza.

Some time by now that i wanted to get the Graphic Novel of JOKER of Brian Azzarello, in this story there are some villinas of Batman but they are really dark, the Joker by example is more sadist than normal and uses drugs. The art is also very dark and the Joker has a scared smile like in The Dark Knight, the book though, was released earlier so it's a coindicence. In this scene the Joker kills one of his ex henchmen in revenge, he has offered a deal of 10% of the winnings but just after that, he kills him.
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Aghorishaivite Nov 28, 2010  Professional Writer
It was a really good comic. I loved how evil and decrepit the Joker looked.
saintvulcan Oct 3, 2010  Student General Artist
lol nice
This looks JUST like Joker from the graphic novel!! AWESOME:D
great thanks!!! n_n
Looks more like Commissionor Gordon to me. If you don't look to close you would not see the slash in his cheecks.
Also, how many barrels can this gun hold? 8 or 9? You did too many of those slots i would say.

Bt the drawing in general is really great, i like that style. the hand is great and of course the face.
Commissioner Gordon? are you serious? he is not even wearing glasses or has his haircut. Yeah maybe the scares aren't really defined. The barrel well, i think its okay with six, if you see the original drawing it looks like it, maybe it was my mistake.
Thanks for the ting about the drawing, but the design is not mine, did you read the description?
Yes, i am serious. Yes i read it. I thought of Gordon when i saw the image. So what?
It isn't really colored, and more in a brownish tone, that reminds me of his coat. Then his mouth, because of the scartissue, it looks on his upper lip like a mustache. And his hair could be all whirly by the wind, or maybe he is on drugs.
It is just what i saw, THEN i read the discription.
I don't know the Original image and story. Doesn't matter.
I looked at some revolvers in Google because it looked strange, and they look different.
And published artist are not drawing everything correctly. But that doesn't matter.
What matters is what you did.
And you did a good rendering. End of story.
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